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Murray Gray (Left) and Sam Commander (Right). Cousins. Murray from St.albans close to london. Sam from Brum (but now resides in Bridgnorth) close to Hell. Each week we will decide on a topic together then take a picture each based on that topic.Sam using a holga whilst Murray uses a digital camera. During the week we will not discuss our ideas for the photo,then see the contrast. Also we will give a link to a song that we feel fits the photos and theme (Click the pictures to enlarge them)

Monday, 13 September 2010


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Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats

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  1. Hello Murray and Sam!
    We are doing a “Happy Snappy tour”, thanking everyone who’s been visiting us these past few months. So: thank you! :)
    How nice of you letting us know that your blog was influenced by us, thanks! We are so happy we inspired someone with our project.
    We do not have many advices, but maybe you could redo the layout a bit in order to upload bigger images? Many times people are in a hurry and they won’t click on your photos to enlarge them.
    Have fun with your new project!
    Lovely seaside shots, btw! :)
    Happy September! Greetings from Finland and Scotland.